Know your risks. Know your rewards. Know your tenants.


Let Best Rentals HELP you stop the pain of finding a New Tenant!

No more Headaches of doing applications!

No more phone calls!

No more No show appointments!

No more fair housing worries!


No Money Up Front

Pay when the property gets rented!


What Does Best Rentals offers you?

  • Effective Marketing System
  • Calls answered by Professional Staff
  • Best Rentals handles all showing and appointments
  • Best Rentals will process the application
  • Approved applications will be submitted for your approval
  • Upon approval all documentation will be emailed to you
  • You can do your lease agreement or Best Rentals can do this for you as well.


Benefits for you:

  • Relax! After you sign in your property, we take over from there. Just sit and wait for your check.
  • No more phone calls!
  • No more advertising fees!
  • Get your house rented before your current tenant moves or rehab is complete!!
  • Legal and proper paperwork!
  • We know the “Ins and Outs” of fair housing
  • Take advantage of our YEARS of experience on running applications
  • No upfront fees!! Pay only after your property is rented
  • Each application will be processed in 24 hours or less (during business hours).


What’s Included


  • Your property will be featured on our website
  • Get immediate website exposure on THOUSANDS of websites waiting to find your home
  • Our staff will personally call every tenant interested in your home
  • Immediate email updates to all prospective tenants in our database
  • We do ALL the showings!
  • We will process your applications on a first come, first processed system.

Additional Services

  1. Taking all photos interior and exterior
    1. “Rent Ready” photos for all marketing and move in inspection photos. Photos will be taken by our professional trained staff.
    2.  ONLY $49.00 – NO MONEY UP FRONT !  Pay when the property gets rented.
  1.   Signing rental Agreement & Move In Process:
    1. After approval, schedule a “closing” with your new tenant.
    2. Our trained staff will provide a new tenant orientation
    3. Includes photographs of every tenant for your files and records
    4. Complete legal documentation that will be explained thoroughly by each paragraph to the new occupant.
    5. Completion of all documentation with move in inspection, photos, animal applications and more.
    6. After everything is complete and finalized, tenant will be provided with two keys to their new home.
    7. ONLY $99.00 NO MONEY UP FRONT!  Pay when the property gets rented.


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